Zebo NasirovaZebo Nasirova
20:31 16 Oct 23
Highly recommended! Great trainers, especially Renato.
Nicola HallNicola Hall
03:33 19 Sep 23
My big family
Thomas SomersetThomas Somerset
07:17 16 May 23
If you're looking for a kids Jiu Jitsu class I can't recommend this school highly enough.The atmosphere is super-friendly and the instructors look like they're having even more fun than the kids. The teaching is serious without being boring or intimidating and the whole experience is extremely positive.
Brandon CoffeyBrandon Coffey
08:56 25 Oct 22
In Canberra for a couple of days for work and needed a place to train, I was welcomed with open arms, the atmosphere was great and everyone was very friendly, the higher belts were very humble and would take the time to give advice and the head coach Renato (sorry If I’ve spelt incorrectly) was awesome, paid very close to attention to each student and corrected their technique. If I lived down here I would sign up in a heart beat, will definitely be visiting again next time I’m down! 😊 🥋Thanks for having me
Robin VliegerRobin Vlieger
23:35 13 Oct 22
I’ve been training at Chave de Ouro for 4 years now and I can’t recommend the academy highly enough. The head instructor Renato has created a safe, friendly environment to practise Brazilian Jiujitsu with a structured curriculum that helps both beginners and advanced practitioners develop a well-rounded skill set, whether they’re hobbyists or competitors.With Renato’s wife Mariana teaching women’s classes and kid’s classes for all ages being on offer, anyone can enjoy the sport. Honestly one of the best martial arts academies I’ve ever been to.
Peter BakerPeter Baker
09:22 03 Aug 22
Love training here. Very friendly and welcoming staff and students. Extremely experienced teachers.
Xavier DejuliisXavier Dejuliis
02:11 03 Aug 22
Just awesome
Alice CashaAlice Casha
15:54 29 Jul 22
I could not say enough positive things to say about Chave de Ouro, I highly recommend it,incredible trainers who are nothing but helpful and dedicated to giving you the best experience.
Peterson TiroPeterson Tiro
11:32 29 Jun 22
This is the best Jiujitsu school in the ACT
Mitchell BurdenMitchell Burden
09:19 25 Jan 22
Great coaches, great people, positive vibe, a culture of growth and authentic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Brian GreningBrian Grening
20:38 29 Feb 20
This place becomes family. Great instruction that appeals to all levels. Renato is very helpful from day one; helping beginners establish a foundation built on fundamentals. All upper belts are always eager to support as well. Wide range of class times and very nice and clean mats. If you’re thinking about starting BJJ, this is where you need to go. I couldn’t be happier.
George AnousasGeorge Anousas
16:35 08 Jun 19
If you love BJJ then this is the right place for one and only reason:Daily - multiple jiu jitsu classes with the most dedicated coach in Canberra!!!Renato is just legend who spreads smiles, hugs, chokes, armbars, triangles and kimuras.Very lucky and happy to have him here in Canberra.There are even kids classes, because what’s better than rolling with your kids at home?
08:00 14 Jan 19
I have trained all over Australia and Renato is one of the most knowledgeable, nicest, most welcoming coaches I have ever had! This academy is very professional and the quality of talent and skill level is second to none!